Together for your business evolution We help companies with discovery, decision-making and interaction design to create more relevant products and services.

Your partner to create digital products and to evolve design culture.

Through user research, data analysis, collaboration and interaction design, we help your team to evolve the experiences of your products and to generate value for your customers and your business.

Among our services are:

research and strategy

Deepening knowledge about users and the market to reduce project risks and make the best decisions for the business.

co-creation workshops

We help your team explore the challenges and opportunities to make the most appropriate decisions for your business.

interaction design

Information architecture, prototyping and visual design to deliver the best experience.

usability analysis

Continuous evolution of your product’s usability to improve your customers’ experience of use.

optimization for conversion

Based on data, experiments and tests we focus on turning your visitors into customers.

We believe in the potential of design as a tool for cultural transformation, developing behavioral and tactical skills to generate value with a focus on people in a collaborative and holistic way.

Among some of our initiatives are:

in-company courses

We empower your team to use the design approach and generate better results.


We hold events to generate engagement and discussions about the design and UX universe.

design operation consultancy

We help your company to structure design teams and processes suited to your context and goals.

3 simple reasons to work with us

Experienced and accessible team

We form an experienced and diversified team, working on a few selected projects very close to the client and in an accessible way for the evolution of the projects.

We take it together!

For us to collaborate is to create bonds and connections and this is the essence of everything we do. We understand that methods and tools are means and they matter, but the most significant results come from people working together.

Focused on value creation

Our focus is on the impact generated by our initiatives and on rapid and continuous learning. We are not only concerned about the deliverables or the initial scope of a project, but the results and values that will be generated.


We evolve by doing things together!

How to deliver a relevant experience on a new platform that unites the two largest news portals in Rio Grande do Sul?

This was the challenge we received in the GaúchaZh project, which aimed to unite the portals of Rádio Gaúcha and Zero Hora, both from Grupo RBS.
Our work involved a lot of research with consumers of portal news, co-creation workshops with staff and users, prototyping and usability tests. All done together with the RBS Group team, to define the structure and user experience in the new portal.
icone de um troféu.
Award for Best Mobile News Website or Service in Latin America – 2019.
As a result of the work of a great team, the portal was elected the Best Website or Mobile News Service at the Latam Digital Media Awards, promoted by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-Ifra) in 2019.
What was accomplished: User Research, Co-creation Workshop with Users, Prototyping and Usability Testing.

Rethinking the experience of Zaffari Bourbon Card customers on your website.

The Zaffari Bourbon card is used by thousands of users in supermarkets and shopping malls belonging to the Zaffari Group, which is among the largest companies in the Rio Grande do Sul supermarket sector.

A project like this involves understanding a complex usage journey with different types of customers at multiple touchpoints.

All this brought about the need for extensive field research, with interviews carried out in supermarkets to understand the relationship between customers and payment methods, card use, loyalty programs and the various card services.

Based on the lessons learned from the research, our work involved a lot of collaboration with the Zaffari team to rethink the way to offer services and take advantage of the new opportunities generated, creating prototypes to carry out experiments with users and define a product that would deliver relevant services to users.

What was done: Research with users (field research), workshops with users, co-creation workshops with the team, information architecture and prototyping, usability tests.

UX Culture: Strengthening the culture of experience among employees of Sebrae Nacional.

Sebrae Nacional invited us to participate in an important moment within the education process on digital transformation for its employees through a personalized course for 3 large groups with professionals representing the institution in several Brazilian states.

To understand the power of the design approach, the teams received theoretical content on Design Thinking and User Experience, but also participated in practical activities, getting their hands dirty in research, for example, conducting live interviews, in shopping centers with their Real customers and based on the information gathered carried out several activities, exploring personas, user journeys, creating prototypes and even usability tests.

Around 90 professionals were trained in a practical course to understand how to apply the UX approach in business and how they can help micro and small companies in Brazil.

More than clients, evolution partners.

about us

Uzzer Experience Company

Uzzer represents our belief and commitment to thinking about products and services with a primary focus on people and how this can strengthen brands, businesses and improve our society.
We believe in the power of design as a tool for transforming our reality based on the pillars of empathy, collaboration and experimentation.
We are a lean and experienced team of designers, researchers and journalists who network with other professionals from different specialties and locations around the world.
Uzzer is led by its founders Marcelo Morais and Marcon Zanin, who since 2016 have been helping dozens of companies in the discovery, decision-making and design process to deliver better product and service experiences to their users.

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